Mediation Management Solutions

The current situation

Too many keys to manage.

Currently, intermediary agents would manage the keys by pasting the address on the keys. Every time they show the rooms to the guests, they try to find the particular keys. It always takes the risk of taking the wrong keys.

Too many people to see the rooms, the keys are not enough.

The host only provides one key when renting or selling a house. If the key is not in his store, he would borrow the key from other stores. It wastes too much time with low efficiency.

Sherlock Smart's Solutions

Keep the original lock, fast installation

The sherlock smart lock S is to be pasted on the lock indoor through 3M rubber tape.It opens the door by driving the motor to rotate the key. It can support 90% of the locks on the market.

Keyless management makes it easier to manage the business

The agent need not to find the keys or wait for the keys when takes guests to see the rooms. He only needs to take out the phone and open the APP or Wechat, and open the door by using the phone. Never worries about the keys.


When the house is sold or rented, the host can take off the Smart Lock, change the glue stick and paste it on other house. It is easy to recycle and reinstall.

Customer self-help Visiting the house

When the agent is busy, the virtual keys could be sent to the tenants. The tenants could go to visit the house on their own without waiting.

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