Long/short-term apartments rental Solutions

As an apartment manager, have you ever encounter the situations below?

Sherlock Smart's Solutions

More easier to ask for payment

When the tenant delays the payment of the rent, you could disable tenant's keys on the APP. The tenant will not be able to use the key to open the door. No longer worry about the tenants paying no rent.

Quick installation, retain the original lock

The sherlock smart lock S is to be pasted on the lock indoor through 3M rubber tape.It opens the door by driving the motor to rotate the key. It can support 90% of the locks on the market.

Using your phone to unlock the door

Sherlock APP will easily realize opening the door by phone. Sherlock will open the door in multiple ways including by opening by Wechat. It will provide a fire-new experience of living. The tenants will never worry about forgetting the key or losing the key.

Background management is more easier

The administrator can easily complete the key distribution on the management platform. He can also change the access of visiting, extend the lease term, or disable the keys. The management efficiency will be greatly improved.

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