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WeChat Subscription : Sherlock Smart
WeChat Subscription : Sherlock Smart
How many users can be bond to one device?

The first user binding with the device is the administrator, who has the right to distribute the virtual keys to other users. There is no limit to the number of distributions. The users who own the virtual keys can lock/unlock the lock on APP.

Should I install Sherlock by myself?

Yes, please. The product should be installed by pasting it on the original lock. You do not need to tear down your original lock. It’s easy to install it by yourself by referring to the instruction book or the installation guide on the APP. If there is any doubt about the installation process, please contact our customer service.

Whether it is firm after installation?

Please take it easy since the product was pasted with 3M technical grade rubber glue. It is still firm even in the extreme environment of high temperature and high humidity. It can perfectly match with the Smart Lock to operate.

How long could the battery be used?

Since it is a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 3800mAh, it can be used for more than half a year in the situation of opening the door ten times a day. The specific battery life time will be affected by factors such as the frequency of locking/unlocking and the condition of the lock.

Can I use the Smart Stick Lock after locking the door by using my physical key?

The protective cover of the Smart Stick Lock can be sprung back automatically, so the key inserted can move back to the original position. Therefore, if you lock the door and remove the key, you still can use APP to unlock the door.

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